Videos: Presentations at the launch of Global Security PLuS

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Watch presentations at the launch of the Global Security PLuS

Global Security PLuS, a new think tank that mines the expertise of three of the world’s leading universities to identify and respond to threats in global security, was launched at UNSW on 19 July 2017 with a one day symposium and industry showcase. A symposium featured research from UNSW, Arizona State University and Kings College London experts.  An inaugural student research prize was also awarded at this event. 



Professor Raina MacIntyre, Medicine, UNSW Sydney 'Data, technology, bioterrorism and new frontiers of health security'

Jacinta Carroll, Head of Counterterrorism, Australian Strategic Policy Institute , ‘Key note Address’

Professor George Williams, Dean, Law, UNSW Sydney‘Anti-terrorism laws and Countering Violent Extremism in Australia’


Professor Anthony Burke, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, UNSW Canberra ‘Violent conflict, ethics and security governance’

A/Professor Brian Gerber Arizona State University Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program, 'Natural Disasters and Violent Conflict'

Professor Luca Vigano, Department of informatics, King’s College, London ‘Formal methods for the human dimension of cyber-security’