Multimedia from Pacific Eclipse, Dec 9-10, 2019

Videos and audio presentations from the Pacific Eclipse

The PLuS Alliance and Stratium Global hosted an immersive biothreat simulation at three sites across the USA (Crystal City, Phoenix and Honolulu) on December 9-10 2019, with cooperation from US Indo- Pacific Command. A range of operational stakeholders from the US and Five Eyes countries attended the workshop. An interactive tabletop exercise (TTX), using a hypothetical unknown epidemic arising in the Pacific, and becoming a pandemic was conducted. The TTX focus was to assess inter-agency and international response to a pandemic disaster. Tensions between global, national and local priorities were tested using interactive polling and live decision making. Immediate feedback was provided on the impact of decisions about resources and operations using mathematical modelling of the epidemic. The event was conducted over two half-days to allow different time zones to participate conveniently. Debriefing on identified gaps was integrated into the TTX. Experts from health, defence, law enforcement and emergency management, from government and non-government organisations provided expert input and real-world examples relevant to the TTX. The multimedia from the exercise are available below to show the relevance of our hypothetical exercise to the COVID-19 pandemic.


03 Mystery Illness

04 WHO Declaration

05 Virologist to WHO (Audio)


06 Nurses_Union Strike

07 Police Chief (Audio)

08 Civil Unrest


09 Ship of Death

10 Healthcare Decimated

11 PPE shortage


12 Cyber Attack