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Australia to give fourth COVID-19 jab to over 65s 


Omicron BA.2 COVID Variant Symptoms Explained As New U.S. Wave Possible 


‘The virus can still wreak havoc’: NSW case numbers a reminder the pandemic isn’t over


Will we need annual Covid-19 boosters? 


Govt denies failing aged care in Omicron 


Australian respiratory scientist Guy Marks discusses need for global elimination strategy to end COVID pandemic


We should not expect COVID-19 to become an endemic virus – scientist


Covid will always be an epidemic virus — not an endemic one, scientist warns


What life will be like as the Covid-19 pandemic ends


Coalition of Australian health experts calls for urgent rethink on face masks 


Australian epidemiologists call for global action to eliminate COVID-19 


Amid cascading failures, where is the leadership?


NewSouth acquires MacIntyre book on pandemics


Covid-19 expert bizarrely suggests TAPING up doors and wearing masks to stop the virus spreading in your home even BEFORE anyone tests positive 


 Australian air quality standards needed to combat Covid, say experts


Omicron has arrived, here’s how to prepare for a COVID-19 case in the home 


From COVID control to chaos – what now for Australia? Two pathways lie before us 


Will COVID-19 become endemic? Why 'mild Omicron' won't end the pandemic


OzSage experts warn ‘let it rip’ Covid strategy will condemn vulnerable Australians to death


Health and business experts divided over COVID rule changes


Small steps or an irresponsible lack of action: Australian experts react to national cabinet’s announcement 


Booster appointments difficult to snag despite adequate vaccine supply


How worried should we be about Omicron? Here’s what we know


The three theories of Omicron's origin


We Got a heap of health experts to answer your burning questions about that new binch omicron


‘Crunch time’: What to expect from Sydney’s Delta wave over summer 


Australian epidemiologists warn of possible fourth wave as reopening allows Delta to spread 


Australia will face a new wave of Covid-19 like the one that's smashing Europe unless booster shot rates skyrocket, expert warns -


Modeling predicts another COVID-19 peak in Australian state by February


What can Australia learn from Europe's fourth COVID wave? 


Will Australia follow Europe into a fourth COVID wave? Boosters, vaccinating kids, ventilation and masks may help us avoid it 


VIDEO: How to avoid COVID-19 spikes as Australia starts living with virus


Tasmanian borders to reopen on December 15 


What's to know about booster jabs


COVID-19 hospital horror – opening up and the dangers ahead


 'I say no to most requests now': Scientists receive threats, abuse after speaking to media about COVID-19 


Relying only on vaccination in NSW isn’t enough – here’s what we need for sustained freedom


What kind of mask works best against the Delta variant? 


COVID vaccines at schools likely next year 


Why Queensland mask mandate was eased, and why it will tighten again


OzSage modelling suggests higher level of deaths in NSW at 80% than 70% vaccination rate 


New science lobby group claims NSW reopening will crash ICUs 


Vaccination alone not enough to control COVID-19 


Reopening Plan Could Leave Some Australian Hospitals Overwhelmed


Harnessing artificial intelligence to help prevent epidemics before they spread


Lockdown-weary Australia plans reopening as Covid-19 death toll tops 1,000 


COVID vaccine in Ballarat: Youth surge ahead but children's jabs vital


NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant warns masks may still be needed 'for years' to battle COVID-19 


Vaccines, stem cells, and the myth of wellness 


Survey gauges health impact of 2019-20 bushfire smoke 


Critical leadership elements in times of crisis 


OPINION Is Delta defeating us? Here’s why the variant makes contact tracing so much harder


Stick to your guns: Professor Raina MacIntyre on speaking truth to power 


NSW faces 'disaster' if lockdown ends before COVID-19 outbreak eliminated, expert warns 


Delta outbreak could lead to situation ‘like India’ epidemiologists warn


Australia and COVID-19: successes and failures 


The pathway out of the pandemic


Gain-of-Function: Should supercharging viruses be banned? | DW News


Sneeze cam reveals best fabric combos for cloth masks 


Covid: How Delta exposed Australia's pandemic weaknesses 


Top epidemiologist "still hopeful" NSW outbreak will stay under control


NSW announces lockdown for four Sydney local government areas


We’re sitting ducks: the case for a short, sharp lockdown to battle Delta variant 


Coronavirus outbreak shuts down NSW Parliament 


Covid Delta variant is ‘in the air you breathe’: what you need to know about Sydney outbreak strain 


Lagging vaccine rollout, quarantine breaches threaten COVID-19 control in major Australian cities


Surviving aged care in a pandemic


OPINION At last, health, aged care and quarantine workers get the right masks to protect against airborne coronavirus


Surviving aged care in a pandemic


Opinion: Children must be vaccinated against COVID-19


Experts say flushing toilet could spread coronavirus through faecal aerosols


What does presence of the Delta variant mean for Australia? 


Experts dispute Victoria claim that Kappa variant is more infectious than previous Covid outbreaks 


What is the 'Indian variant' of COVID-19 that is spreading in Victoria?


2021 Archibald shortlist. From Grace Tame to Craig Foster


New study: COVID-19 vaccination in haematology patients


Indian variant strain of SARS-CoV-2 detected in Melbourne


What does the Indian variant mean for Australia?


OPINION Four cases in Melbourne but what if I've already been exposed? 


New report confirms what many have thought: Covid probably spreads through air


UNSW awarded over $8m in funding for health and medical research


Kirby Institute modelling could assist pandemic exit strategy


The pressure is on for Australia to accept the coronavirus really can spread in the air we breathe


Modelling vaccination plans; development of preterm babies; bronchiolitis in infants; Q&A


Finding the best strategies for available vaccine supply


Experimental Evidence for the Optimal Design of a High-Performing Cloth Mask


Australia's COVID vaccine rollout speed needs to double for borders to reopen within a year, experts warn


Can Australia achieve herd immunity to corona virus, and what happens if not? 


Australia reports alarming spike in hotel quarantine cases 


Fears over 24 COVID cases in 24 hours 


Daunting 2023 prediction for Australia's closed border 


 Don’t criminalise Australians in India: bring them home to safety


Life matters podcast: Right now, in Australia, vaccine alone can't save us, says new study 


COVID booster


Evaluating risk and the travel bubble 


Coronavirus origins 


AstraZeneca vaccine: clot or not?


Australian vaccine rollout needs all hands on deck… 


Should We Keep Wearing Masks Even After the Pandemic Ends? 


W.H.O. Inquiry on the Pandemic’s Origin: What We Know


Brisbane cluster expected to grow as questions mount over vaccinations 


Experts call for more transparency around pandemic decisions 


Vaccine complacency threatens to undo Australia’s hard work


Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly's interview on 7.30 ABC on 9 March 2021 


Why is herd immunity so important? 


Is Israel a preview of Australia’s post-vaccine world? 


Coronavirus's origins may remain a mystery as the WHO leaves China with more questions than answers 


Australians 'can still have faith' in COVID-19 vaccines despite South Africa, UK strains


Why didn’t others get hotel coronavirus? 


Concerns raised that quarantine hotels are being used for private guests


Coronavirus restrictions stopped the spread of some illnesses, but gastro is not one of them


The conversation - Australia must vaccinate 200,000 adults a day to meet October target: new modelling


UNSW biosecurity researchers develop intelligence program that ‘could have prevented COVID-19’


Coronavirus: No evidence: epidemiologist questions WHO ruling out Wuhan lab as likely source of pandemic


UNSW biosecurity researchers develop intelligence program that ‘could have prevented COVID-19’


Can vaccines offer an exit plan from Covid-19? – Prof Raina Macintyre


Vaccines need to be studied to assess effectiveness against new variants of the coronavirus


Ignoring pandemic experts proves fatal – Prof Raina Macintyre


Australia must vaccinate 100,000 people every day to meet government targets


Vaccine ‘not good enough to stop the coronavirus’ 


How important are COVID vaccine efficacy rates?


Aus COVID-19 vaccine rollout brought forward to February 


Coronavirus: Australia’s COVID vaccine rollout accelerated amid fears over mutant UK strain 


Plastic shields at supermarket checkouts DON'T prevent COVID spreading


Vaccine rollout won't open international travel by July, experts say


Crowds for SCG Test an ‘unnecessary risk’ amid COVID-19 cluster in Greater Sydney


Mask mandate for Sydney more effective than lockdown now that Christmas and New Year over, expert says


Health experts warn of danger from Premier’s ‘mixed message’.


Crowds at SCG during Sydney COVID- 19 outbreak: It’s just not cricket.


With Sydney coronavirus outbreak, experts fear Christmas could lead to 'worst-case scenario' for New Year's Eve


Grim warning Sydney's covid cases could hit 3,000 by January


New Year’s ‘mother of all super-spreaders’ 


Why Sydney is facing a super-spreading disaster.


It is no time to breathe easy, Sydney – the holiday COVID threat is serious 


The ‘big problem’ with Australia’s COVID vaccine plan


COVID experts share their tips on enjoying the holiday season


Australians should 'think twice' before booking Christmas flights


Medical experts dispute claims of new COVID strain in SA


COVID contact tracing: Australia needs an automated system


Why super-spreaders should be vaccinated early


Australian experts respond to Pfizer vaccine announcement 


Healthcare workers almost three times more likely to get COVID-19 


Global biosecurity expert weighs in on whether Australia should open international borders


GPs to be at forefront of Australia’s COVID vaccine distribution


Raina MacIntyre: Cloth masks should be washed appropriately everyday. 


Home quarantine back on the agenda for returning Australians


What’s really going on with COVID-19: Eternity talks to a world expert.


OPINION This video shows just how easily COVID-19 could spread when people sing together


NSW is the 'gold standard' for COVID-19 management according to the PM — here's why


PODCAST - Patient Zero: How We Got Here


4 perspectives on how Victoria should exit stage 4 lockdown 


Elimination, eradication, and the myth of 'living with' a certain level of COVID-19


Health staff want automatic WorkCover rights, as new mask concerns emerge 


How to take care of yourself (and others) in COVID-19 isolation 


How do I know if my mask actually works? What about the ‘candle test’? 


When an expert thinks it will be safe to say Victoria has passed its COVID-19 peak


How restaurants are driving virus infections 


COVID-19: A conversation with WHO Chief Scientist, Soumya Swaminathan


Hong Kong outbreak set to top earlier waves in cautionary tale


Policy, Guns and Money: Strategic Vision 2020 


Raina MacIntyre On The Pandemic In Australia| Q+A


WHO accused of 'denying science' over airborne spread of SARS-CoV-2


States divided on compulsory testing of international travellers 


Lockdown 2.0? 


When will Australia open its borders?


Next three months risky for virus spread


When and how can choirs sing again without becoming 'super spreaders'?


Coronavirus vaccine may be impossible to develop, Biosecurity experts state


Vaccine or no vaccine, there's no returning to the pre-COVID-19 world, biosecurity expert says 


Protesting? Here’s How To Help Keep Your Family Safe From COVID-19 When You Go Home


Face masks, physical distancing drastically reduce coronavirus risk


Using the Surveillance Tool EpiWATCH to Rapidly Detect Global Mumps Outbreaks 


Coronavirus could keep international travel off the agenda until mid-next year, according to Qantas — this is what we know


The Epidemiology of Unknown Disease Outbreak Reports Globally - new publication


New study suggests wearing a face mask at home could help limit spread of COVID-19


Qantas enforces new coronavirus precautions on flights, but no social distancing


Getting On - Coronavirus advice for older Australians


5 Crucial Ways For Australia To Stay Safely On Top Of COVID-19


With no vaccine and restrictions easing, we're in a "dance with the enemy", says epidemic expert 


COVID-19: the open data pandemic?


How weekends at Bunnings will NEVER be the same post-COVID 19


Global coronavirus distancing, PPE rules for health workers insufficient, review finds


Lunch with Raina MacIntyre: cautious coronavirus communicator 


The evidence for everyone wearing masks, explained


New fact-checked video explainer


'We've got to go hard - NOW".


China’s Latest Coronavirus Case Exposes a Terrifying Trend


Australia among world leaders on coronavirus testing, health experts say 


Coronavirus: Sound policies in place, so now it’s all up to us, people


COVID-19: The facts: Why is testing important? 


 Australia sees its biggest rise in coronavirus cases in one day to 636


Double Blow: How Coronavirus and the Flu Will Exacerbate the Current Pandemic


Spreading COVID-19 for herd immunity would lead to 'catastrophic scenario' 


Why Coronavirus May Hit Australia Worse Than In China


Q+A on China – A healthy relationship?


Scramble to track Cambodia cruise passengers after coronavirus case reported


Coronavirus: Robust kids may still carry disease


Coronavirus pandemic 'likely' if China, worldwide infections increase, experts say


Surgical masks ‘won’t protect doctors’ from coronavirus


WHO May Be Forced Into Action With Virus Spread, Expert Says


WHO raises novel coronavirus global threat level to 'high'


Face Masks: What Doctors Say About Their Role In Containing Coronavirus 


Scientists still 'don't know the source' of Wuhan coronavirus


Coronavirus contagion rate makes it hard to control


How contagious is the Wuhan coronavirus and can you spread it before symptoms start?


China coronavirus: The lessons learned from the Sars outbreak


China warns that coronavirus can spread before symptoms appear


More being tested for coronavirus, Victorian authorities confirm.


Interview on 2019nCoV Raina MacIntyre Jan 26 ABC Breakfast


The Shadow of SARS: China Learned the Hard Way How to Handle an Epidemic


Anti-vaxxers’ claims fuel Samoa measles epidemic, with 65 deaths before Christmas


First case of extensively drug-resistant typhoid reported in Australia


Why the DRC Ebola outbreak was declared a global emergency and why it matters


Should NIP flu vaccines be extended to 50 year olds?


Flucast: A Real-Time Tool to Predict Severity of an Influenza Season.


Is Civilization on the Verge of Collapse?


New research examines preparedness for smallpox attack


Chief Thomas Engells Memorial Scholarship in Biothreat Response 2019


Death toll of children due to acute encephalitis 


What is encephalitis, how did 53 children die in India?


Parents urged to vaccinate children against flu after 37 confirmed deaths this year


Bioterror WARNING: Smallpox attack could be CATASTROPHIC for humanity


Terrifying "Exercise Mataika" Smallpox Simulation Did Not End Well For Humanity


‘National interest’ funding tests ‘bad for science’


Are we ready for pandemics and antibiotic resistance?


Smallpox pandemic simulation among leading-edge research published in new Global Biosecurity journal


Global Measles Outbreak


New Approaches to Grey Zone Threats


Summit asks critical question: Are we prepared for bioterrorism?


Simulated smallpox pandemic reveals global preparedness, response challenges


Biosecurity in the Pacific Workshop


Ask the Doctor: Episode 10 Cold and Flu


The winner of the 2018 Chief Thomas Engells Memorial Scholarship


Smallpox re-emergence is real possibility world must prepare for, disease expert warns 


Weaponised smallpox virus could infect thousands in major cities

Smallpox Re-emergence can be a Threat to Immunosuppressed People


I’ve always wondered: why many people in Asian countries wear masks, and whether they work


Flu face mask rule under review at Waikato DHB


New publication: How Valid Are Assumptions About Re-emerging Smallpox?


CAPHIA 2017 team award for excellence and innovation in public health team research


New paper on EV D68 and polio-like syndrome of Acute Flaccid Myelitis  


New study: Epidemic Varicella Zoster Virus among University Students, India


PODCAST: Smallpox lessons from the field. Raina MacIntyre interviewed Dr J Michael Lane


Black death spread by humans, vindicating rats


Inaugural Global Security PLuS Symposium