Quantum advances in science have outpaced our governance frameworks in areas such as cybersecurity and biosecurity, with revolutionary new tools and technologies equally able to benefit or harm humanity. Against a backdrop of global political instability and conflict, this accelerates the risk of war, terrorism, cyberattacks, bioterrorism, chemical, radiological and nuclear threats. In addition, disasters and forced displacement of people pose additional challenges which require an understanding of emergency response and disaster recovery. These threats extend beyond the reach of national boundaries, are converging in an unprecedented way, and require global solutions.
In 2016, Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney, formed the PLuS Alliance. This unprecedented and innovative alliance between three of the world’s leading universities enables us to join forces to help find research-led solutions to some of our most pressing global challenges.  The three countries represented are also natural allies in security and defence, providing a framework for advancement of the first truly global security alliance in the world. 

Mission statement

To enhance global security by preventing, detecting and mitigating global threats in the following areas:
•    Violent conflict and war
•    Terrorism 
•    Cybersecurity 
•    Disasters 
•    Biosecurity


Cross cutting expertise and methods

•    Modelling and simulation
•    Communication
•    Ethics
•    Policy
•    Informatics
•    Forensics
•    Law and governance

What we offer

•    Cutting edge research
•    World leading expertise
•    Policy and technology solutions
•    Education, training and capacity building. See our public health security cluster.


Launch of Global Security PLuS 


Jacinta Carroll, Head of Counterterrorism, Australian Strategic Policy Institute 
‘Key note Address'


Global Security PLuS was launched on July 19th 2017 with a one day symposium and industry showcase. A symposium featured research from UNSW, ASU and KCL experts.  An inaugural student research prize was also awarded at this event. Missed the launch? VIEW VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM HERE 



PLuS Alliance